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Chelsea Fields

Chelsea Fields

Co-Lead Teacher, Elementary

Chelsea entered the field of education in 2005 and joined Living Montessori in 2018. She is dedicated to education as a means of justice and peace. Her path to Montessori winds around beautiful, formative teaching experiences in dynamic communities around the world. After five years of teaching in the conventional education system, intuition and reflection led her to seek Montessori training. Chelsea holds a Master’s degree in Montessori Education, an AMI Montessori Elementary diploma and a Bachelor’s degree in Childhood Education (grades 1 to 6).

Chelsea is enamored with the expansive elementary Cosmic curriculum and delights in helping children discover their place in the universe. She enjoys facilitating a respectful, caring “practice society” where children explore what it means to be part of an interdependent community.

Chelsea is originally from Rochester, New York and moved to the Seattle area in 2018. She enjoys reading, traveling, hiking, cooking, attending concerts and practicing yoga. In her time on this earth, Chelsea has eaten many different kinds of bugs, with tarantulas being her favorite!