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I am just blown away every week by what the kids learn and how absolutely perfect the Montessori philosophy fits into my own belief system—things I didn’t know before [my children] were registered. Thank you, Living Montessori! You nourish our children’s minds with Montessori work, you nourish their bodies with your Organic Nutrition program, and you nourish their spirits with your caring and encouraging staff. We are so thrilled to be able to participate in such a holistic program.
– Trina S.

If I had to design a school for my son, it would mirror Living Montessori. Aside from the Montessori curriculum, there would be an environment that supported creative expression, critical thinking, individuality and multi-cultural exploration, plus organic food, music, yoga, languages, gardening, dedicated teachers and staff, and a strong parent community. That’s what Living Montessori provides. I truly couldn’t ask for more.
– Dianna R.

The teachers really take the time to find out who each child is. They base their teaching style around who each child is and what their needs are. We have been at Living Montessori for over two years, and my son has thrived there.
– Karrie S.

Our daughter started at Living Montessori Education Community shortly after her second birthday. I was delighted to find a friendly, welcoming Montessori-based preschool with a toddler and infant program. After she transitioned to the preschool room, I quickly saw her expand her focus, social skills and self-care. She was able to remain with the same wonderful teachers and same group of children until she left the school to attend our local full-day kindergarten.

Shy by nature, she nonetheless adapted easily to new children, new teachers and new routines, making friends and eagerly trying any activity available. Her ability to work by herself has been amazing, and by the end of kindergarten, her reading and math skills were well advanced beyond grade level. Most importantly she remains excited by and interested in learning. The caring environment and encouragement she received during preschool to develop her self, her interests and her skills also provided her the best possible grounding for her future academic and social development. Overall, I’m thrilled with her experience at LMEC and look forward to their future summer programs.
– Heather S.

We have been at Living Montessori for a year and half. All throughout, we have been amazed at the energy and passion of the teachers and pleasantly surprised by how much they care and remember. Even at the end of the day, the teachers take time to discuss the day our daughter had without any rush whatsoever. The nutrition program is excellent while being flexible and accommodative of individual needs. Our daughter absolutely loves her teachers and we feel great about her attending Living Montessori.
– Hemant K.

My daughter has been at Living Montessori for three years now, and we are extremely happy with Miss Bence, her lead teacher. The school invests so much in the learning materials and the organic food. The staff is highly trained and really kind and attentive. I highly recommend it.
– Guy M.

From the nutrition program to the yoga to the hugs for our kids, this is a place where I see the kids learn to be happy, healthy, confident and loving human beings…I love the emphasis that Living Montessori places on emotional development…These are the years which define who they will be as people. I’m glad my son is in such a nurturing, productive environment… As simple as it is, I know that my son is eating well and getting the exercise he needs. Combine that with how much he learns, how confident he is and how happy he is there, and I know that he’s in the right school.
– Heather B.

My two children joined Living Montessori Education Community in August of this year. One child is in the pre-K class, and the other in a young toddler class. In the short time they have been enrolled, I have noticed that their developmental progress has grown exponentially, both from a cognitive as well as an emotional aspect. The school’s management, staff and faculty all have played an integral role in investing in my children so that they can realize their maximum potential at this early stage in life. The school is very much focused on their philosophy to respect and care for each child as they help them to develop self awareness and how to interact as a member of the classroom, school and society. I am thankful and appreciative that they provide an environment that is supportive and nurturing with a big emphasis on education. My older son has been assigned research projects that focus on science, history and music so far. This allows my husband and I to get involved and be a part of the learning process. Our son is starting to write words and read which he could not do before. This is thanks to his Madrone-class teachers. Thank you all. You are doing a wonderful job!
– Tina E.

Before sending our six-month-old off to daycare, we did extensive research and analysis of almost all of the Eastside daycare schools. After completing our research…the Living Montessori Education Community staff was overwhelmingly more knowledgeable with regard to infant, toddler and child development. But to be very honest, it has to be more than just subject matter knowledge/expertise. There has to be a passion and deep-care component as well. LMEC truly hires only the best. To this day (my daughter is now 13 months old), every teacher I’ve met, which is most, is very passionate about his/her job and truly love these kids. They have become our extended family, which is so very important when you have none living in this state!
– Mike I.

I’ve seen my daughter’s independent thinking, social and emotional skills, and intellectual development grow during the past year. I also appreciate your efforts in providing a diverse environment – economically and ethnically. There is no doubt in my mind that her attendance at Living Montessori will provide her with the tools necessary to achieve greatness in any social or academic setting. Again, words cannot express my gratitude for the opportunity you’ve given my daughter.
– Kim J.

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