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Fritzie Tran

Administrative Assistant – Early Education

Ms. Fritzie Tran is currently employed as an Administrative Assistant at Living Montessori, where she plays a pivotal role in facilitating the day-to-day operations of the office. Prior to her current position, she dedicated her time as a Front Desk volunteer at a school in Bellevue, where her daughter was enrolled.

Her journey with Living Montessori began in 2011, as she served as a Support Staff member until 2012, providing valuable assistance to various classrooms catering to different age groups. She temporarily stepped away from her professional pursuits to be a stay-at-home mom.

In 2013, she resumed her engagement with the Montessori community. Ms. Fritzie’s academic background is anchored in a 2007 bachelor’s degree in nursing, which she obtained before immersing herself in a five-year study of the Montessori method. Two of those years were dedicated to intensive training in various hospitals and community settings.

Currently residing in Bellevue with her husband and two children, Ms. Fritzie finds solace in spending quality time with her family. An avid practitioner in the kitchen, she often engages in baking as a means of relaxation. Ms. Fritzie’s commitment to her professional roles and her passion for family life and baking define her multifaceted and fulfilling journey.