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Review Living Montessori’s frequently asked questions (FAQ) to learn everything you need to know about our enrollment process, learning environment, and more.

After I take a tour, what is the next step in enrolling my child?

Once you take the tour, if you feel that Living Montessori is a good fit for your family, you will need to complete the application process, which includes a $100 application fee. Once we receive your completed application, we will contact you to schedule an observation of your child and a parent interview. Shortly after the completion of this process you will be contacted regarding your application. Upon our assessment, should you choose to reserve an available space, the enrollment fee and initial payment will be due within three business days to guaranty it. The initial payment for the Early Education program is the first month’s tuition and the initial payment for the Academy is one or two installments of the annual tuition, depending on the schedule option you choose.

Will I be able to go over my enrollment paperwork and your policies and procedures with someone at Living Montessori?

Yes. We schedule a new family orientation with you and review all of your paperwork as well as important policies and procedures.

Does my child have to have immunizations?

You are free to opt out for a personal or religious exemption on any immunization. In the event of an outbreak of an illness that your child has not been immunized against, you will be notified, and your child will not be able to attend while the risk is present. If you choose an exemption, please specify that on the immunization paperwork when you enroll your child.

If I change my mind after reserving a space, what happens to the first month’s tuition?

In order to guarantee a space for your child and maintain a high-quality program, we ask for the first month’s tuition within five business days from the date of acceptance. This policy ensures that a spot is held for your child and is non-refundable should you change your mind.

How can I help my child adjust to Living Montessori?

It is important to include your child in what is happening as your family begins this adventure. You will receive a welcome packet prior to your start date which will include orientation dates for you and your child. These orientations will help students and parents become familiar with our school and its layout, the various enrichment programs, food program and outdoor classroom experiences. Orientation for students includes visiting the classroom prior to start date. Children have the opportunity to meet with teachers and peers, explore the classroom and become familiar with classroom expectations.

To help your child in the first few days of school it is important to be enthusiastic. It is always helpful to plan ahead and be prepared for the first day so that you are not stressed or anxious as your child gets ready for school. Establish a set of daily routines. Your child takes his cues from you. This will help your child adjust to and be able to predict daily events. This also helps your child feel more secure during separation.

Is my child being interviewed during the observation and interview?

The purpose of the observation is to observe your child in a classroom setting to determine the child’s readiness for our program as well as developmental level for placement. The interview is for you to discuss with us the program and expectations as well as determine if our program and your family are a good fit.

Do you give credits for missed days?

In order to guarantee space and provide the highest quality education, Living Montessori does not offer any credits for missed days for any reason. Please refer to the parent handbook for more specifics.

Do you offer a sibling discount?

If one or more children are enrolled in the Early Education Program, we offer a sibling discount of 10% off the lowest tuition amount. If one or more children are enrolled in the Academy, we offer a sibling discount of 5% off the lowest tuition amount. If one or more children are enrolled in the Early Education Program and one or more children are enrolled in the Academy, we also offer a sibling discount of 5% off the lowest tuition amount.

Is your meal program included in the tuition?

Yes. There is no additional charge for our organic meal program. We also offer a 1-hour complimentary consultation with our in-house nutritionist for any food-related concerns you may have regarding your child. Additional private consultations may be scheduled with our nutritionist, which are billed separately. Please check with our nutritionist for pricing.

What if my child doesn’t speak English?

Teachers at Living Montessori have extensive experience with ESL students. Due to our diverse population, your child will be supported in adjusting to this new environment. Children respond well to our predictable and safe environment. You are encouraged to provide teachers with a list of words frequently used in your child’s home to facilitate communication. More than 10 different languages are spoken by our faculty and often other bilingual students are also available to help children who have not yet learned English.

Do you go outside to play, rain or shine?

Outdoor play is an essential part of your student’s day and children are required by licensing regulations to participate in daily outdoor activities. However, in severe cold or hot weather, children stay indoors. (Please refer to the parent handbook for specifications.) In order for your child to have the best outdoor experience, please be sure to provide your child with appropriate clothing for all weather, such as boots and a raincoat.

How is discipline handled at Living Montessori?

Your child has individual needs. Discipline at LMEC is based on an understanding of those needs as well as your child’s stage of development. Students generally struggle as a result of unmet underlying needs such as security, comfort, acceptance, boredom etc. They may have difficulty or demonstrate lack of cooperation due to their inexperience or lack of maturity. There are often various contributing factors in students’ abilities, or lack thereof, to manage or regulate their behaviors.

We seek to facilitate the development of your child’s maturity by bringing awareness and understanding of oneself, and by supporting self-respect and inner control. To support students in their process of inner-directed discipline, we employ redirection, self-reflection, role modeling, logical consequences, choices, environmental adjustments and peer-to-peer conflict resolution techniques.

We support genuine encounters as a way for your child to build authentic relationships. We “slow down” to listen to their issues and gently aid in working out solutions within their peer groups. For behaviors that require adult intervention, we offer choices and logical consequences that follow the “3 R’s:”

The 3 R’s of Discipline

  • Related to what happened
  • Respectful of the student
  • Reasonable based on the student’s age and level of development

In the event a student is unable to respond positively to our guidance, we require parent involvement. At this time, if appropriate, a specific individual behavior plan is designed. Parent’s cooperation is required.

How much notice do you require for withdrawal?

We require a written withdrawal notice at least 30 days in advance. In the event that notice is given less than 30 days prior to the withdrawal date, you will be billed and responsible for tuition 30 days after your written withdrawal notice.

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