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Purpose & Philosophy


Our purpose is to develop empowered global citizens in partnership with their families.

Core Values

Discovery: Always encourage curiosity and a love of learning in one’s self and others
Independence: Let every individual do what he/she can for themselves
Respect: Remember everyone has worth and dignity – be mindful, be considerate
Empathy: Understand other’s perspective and treat all people with kindness
Collaboration: With an open mind contribute to the common good
Trust: Be honest, authentic and sincere while trusting every child’s process


Your child is a unique individual deserving utmost respect, honor and care. Each child has innate social, emotional, physical and intellectual capacities that can be developed within an atmosphere encouraging self-paced learning and exploration, supporting individuation and allowing children to develop their own essential nature. Our approach to education and care is aligned with the Montessori Philosophy.

Your child is given freedom with guidance through our carefully planned curriculum and prepared environment. This is an essential element in the Montessori environment. Children are free to choose materials that are meaningful to them. Meaningful activities capture the children’s attention as long as they correspond to the child’s inner needs. As a result, children enjoy real, sequential, hands-on experiences at Living Montessori. Your child is immersed in surroundings and activities that can be seen, heard, smelled, felt and experienced at the child’s level of understanding. We respect their choices so they may begin to experience life as powerful and curious individuals. Your child’s input is valued and incorporated into our curriculum so we can create environments that are meaningful and irresistible.

In your child, you can expect to see growth in the following ten areas of development supported by the Montessori Philosophy and Method:

  1. Joy of learning
  2. Learning through discovery
  3. Independence
  4. Self-confidence
  5. Self-discipline
  6. Concentration
  7. Attachment to reality
  8. Love of order
  9. Ability to choose
  10. Enjoyment of quiet/spirituality

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