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Tiffany Bevens

Lead Teacher, Primary/Kindergarten

Tiffany obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice from Marist College in upstate New York. Through her work as a case manager, Tiffany wanted to help children get a better start in life and guide them to be strong, secure, and independent. Montessori was her natural path. She pursued her passion diligently, and earned her Montessori Certification in 2006. Since 1996, Tiffany has been an instrumental figure in the Montessori classroom, laying the foundation for the early years of education in the lives of many children.

Tiffany has traveled extensively, and has lived in Germany and Saudi Arabia. She speaks German fluently and some French. In addition to being a key figure in the educational journeys of children, Tiffany relishes her time with her husband and their sweet little girl.