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School Day Enrichment

Foreign Language

Through exploration of different languages and parts of the world, your child will develop cultural awareness and expand their brain development and thinking skills. They start with common phrases and vocabulary, and eventually move into more complex understanding in Elementary.

Creative Arts

Our interdisciplinary creative arts program will hone different aspects of your child’s development and help them explore new skills. Your child will develop an understanding of musical elements including beat, pitch, tone and rhythm. They’ll experience song and dance from around the world, and get hands on experience with multicultural instruments in our engaging music studio. Through drama, they will build confidence in public speaking; creativity of expression; familiarity with character development, plot and message; and implementation of costume and set.


An essential component of your child’s holistic, interactive development is learning body control and movement. Under close supervision of our well-trained yoga instructors, your child will enhance their coordination and maintain correct posture and alignment. Yoga brings balance between body and spirit, and your child will be inspired in their sense of freedom and ability to express and explore, both inside and out.

Culinary & Health Sciences

Through our Culinary and Health Sciences curriculum, your child will learn how their body works including anatomy, nutrition, and how food affects their bodies. They’ll get a taste of different cultures and lifestyles, plan and prepare meals, and incorporate math, science, and critical thinking into creatively combining ingredients, planning menus, and writing recipes. We combine this understanding of food preparation and biology while cultivating an understanding of personal health and self worth. This helps your child to understand the role of good nutrition in helping the body to function with maximum efficiency.

Outdoor Learning

Your child will have the freedom to explore and discover in our carefully prepared outdoor environment at Living Montessori. Inspired by nature, our playground provides visual, textural, olfactory and even gustatory stimulation in all seasons of the year. Our students learn from their environment and have the opportunity to connect with nature everyday. Our outdoor environment is designed with spaces for active play as well as quiet introspection. There are places for running, climbing, rolling, sliding, balancing and jumping. Children can dig or experiment with water. A well-equipped outdoor music and movement area provides an ideal place for children to learn on their own about sound, pitch, rhythm and tonality, and they enjoy dancing to the music they create.

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