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Our Team

Fanny Benitez

Lead Teacher, Early Preschool

Ms. Fanny Benitez is a dedicated professional with a degree in Physicists Mathematics from Cetis 45 in Mexico. Her passion for working with children has been evident throughout her life, as she has engaged in various roles, from a family and nanny position to assisting families in need. Fanny firmly believes in the transformative power of teaching with love and patience, a conviction instilled in her by her first-grade teacher, who served as a motherly figure and inspired her to pursue a career in Early Childhood Education.

Joining Living Montessori in 2015 as an assistant teacher, Ms. Fanny’s commitment to professional growth is evident through her participation in continuing education, Montessori training, and hands-on experiences. Progressing from an assistant teacher to an assistant teacher trainer, Ms. Fanny now serves as a lead teacher, where she excels in creating a serene, child-driven, and loving environment that nurtures the learning journey of each student.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Ms. Fanny finds joy in staying active, indulging her creative side by designing clothes, expressing herself through poetry, and embracing the warmth of baking. Her cherished moments are spent with family, reflecting her deep appreciation for connection and shared experiences.