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Living Montessori Academy Summer Camp


What is your child doing this summer?

Imagine the possibilities with Living Montessori’s Summer Camps!

Discover an immersive Montessori Summer Camp for ages 3 to 10! Our dynamic program unfolds over eleven captivating weeks, guiding children through thrilling themes like Nature Exploration, Space Adventures, and Artistic Marvels. From bug hunts and cosmic fruit rockets to dino-fossil cookies and global cuisine tastings, every week sparks curiosity and hands-on learning. Engaging STEM activities, cultural explorations, and superhero challenges await, ensuring a vibrant blend of education and fun. Dive into undersea fruit kabobs, craft animal masks, and explore the world’s wonders through sensory activities and creative culinary experiences.

A heartfelt thank you to all of our wonderful families that continue to support our students’ growth and development with Living Montessori Academy, and a heartfelt welcome to new families considering LMA to support your child’s lifelong love of learning. We cannot express enough how passionate we are about making this a very special, memorable time for our students – they really do enjoy not only the new adventures summer brings, but continuing to expand social circles and build community.

Afrose Amlani, Head of School, Living Montessori Education Community

LMA Summer Camp

Summer Camp 2024 Registration

STEM-Focused Weekly Themes:

Base Camp Student Thoroughly Engaged In A Culinary Class Project
  • Deep Sea Adventure – Campers explore marine life through STEM activities such as building underwater habitats, learning about sea creatures, and creating ocean-themed art like seascapes or DIY sea creature models.
  • Space Odyssey – Campers dive into space exploration with activities like creating rocket models, learning about planets, making galaxy-themed art, and experimenting with DIY telescopes.
  • Nature Explorers – Children blend STEM and art by exploring the natural world through scientific observations, nature-inspired art, and outdoor experiments like creating eco-friendly art installations or building birdhouses. With nature-inspired art they incorporate outdoor activities like nature scavenger hunts, and creating art using natural materials found in the environment.
  • Growing Gardeners – Campers discover a variety of seeds, plant them in pots and gardens. They learn about soil and composting. They discover types of flowers, insects and bees and learn about pollination while gaining understanding of the eco system.
  • Creative Cooks – Dive into a week of delicious exploration! From savory kebobs to refreshing salads and smoothies, campers learn the essential of cooking skills while savoring the flavors from around the world.
  • Culinary Adventures – Young chefs explore diverse cultures through hands-on activities, research, and creating delicious treats inspired by global cuisines, fostering creativity, teamwork, and cultural appreciation.
  • Survival In Wilderness – Campers learn about the 10 Safety Essentials of survival. The rule of 3 – Air, Water, and Shelter. They build a shelter, learn to tie knots, make a fire, cook outside and share campfire stories.
  • Inventors’ Workshop – Campers explore creativity, innovation, and problem-solving through activities like building machines, crafting art from recycled materials, and delving into the contributions of famous inventors. Art and engineering unite in hands-on projects, merging design principles with architectural exploration.
  • Art Meets Science Fair – In our innovation lab, campers conduct experiments, create visual displays, and express scientific concepts through artistic means. They showcase their findings in a science fair-style event with artistic presentations.
  • Adventure in Time Travel – In our innovation lab campers Explore different historical periods through STEM-based activities such as recreating ancient engineering marvels, experimenting with historical art techniques, and building models of inventions from different eras.

Additional for Elementary (Ages 6-10)

  • Nature Walks
  • Innovation Lab – Campers explore boundless creativity in a dynamic environment. Their imagination soars through hands-on experiences with diverse tools, from circuitry and woodworking to culinary and robotics, fostering problem-solving and collaboration skills.
  • Martial Arts – Elementary students develop rock-solid confidence and laser beam focus, foster teamwork, and increase coordination.
  • Soccer Shots – Children will focus on individual skill, fitness, and sportsmanship all while providing an opportunity for your child to be challenged through fun and games. Children will also be introduced to competition.

Add on Specialty Camps:

Happy Little Dancers In Ms. Wendy's Let's Dance! Specialty Camp
  • Private Piano Lessons
  • Private Ukulele Lessons
  • Magic Camp
  • Soccer Shots
  • Let’s Dance!
  • Chocolate Camp
  • Yoga Adventure
  • Storybook Ballet
  • Hindi Time
  • Mixed Media Arts
  • Martial Arts
  • Lego® Coding
Primary School Student Demonstrating Quantities From 10-99
Primary School Student Demonstrating Quantities From 10-99

Primary Summer School

Ages 3.5 – 7, 9:00am – 3:00pm

8 Week Program, June 17th – August 9th

Summer school can help a child reinforce skills for better mastery. It can also be a strategic move to help with transitions such as moving from Primary to Elementary. LMA Summer School is a great opportunity to ensure your child is more than ready for the 2024-2025 school year! Summer school will also strengthen learning fundamentals such as listening, focus and organizational skills. Don’t worry, your child will continue to build friendships and explore our fun summer themes!

2024 Registration OPENS 2/27/2024

Don’t wait! Spaces fill quickly and are offered on a first come, first serve basis.

Base Camp, Summer School & Add On Specialty Camps


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