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Your child develops holistically through our programs

Your child is educated and cared for in a nurturing community of certified Montessori teachers and early childhood specialists at Living Montessori. While being taught respect for others and the environment, your child’s individuality will continue to be recognized. The personalized attention your child receives daily assures you that your child is immersed in an environment conducive to learning.

Infant & Toddler Program

In our Infant and Toddler Program, your child will explore their senses and develop social, physical, cognitive, and emotional skills.

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Preschool/Kindergarten (Primary) Program

For students three to six years old, we work to build fundamental skills and create a foundation for lifelong learners.

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Elementary Program

Our Elementary students move from concrete work into more abstract thinking and begin to make more connections across subjects and into the world around them.

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School Day Enrichment

Our school day includes many enrichment opportunities, such as foreign language practice, creative arts, yoga, culinary & health sciences, and outdoor play.

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After School Enrichment

We offer many after-school activities, including lessons in various types of music, dance, martial arts, sports, games and foreign languages.

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Summer Camps

Our camps feature creative, hands-on activities that build skills, bodies, and best of all, happiness.

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School Break Camps

School Break Camps follow our Early Education and Academy school calendar schedules with fun, educational, Montessori activities during scheduled school breaks.

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