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Our Team


Afrose Amlani

Head of School

Afrose entered the field of education in 1980. She began her career in East Africa working at a Montessori school, teaching Drama and Gymnastics to Preschool and Elementary students at the YMCA in Kampala, Uganda. Afrose studied Early Childhood Education in England and Business Administration and Management in the U.S.  She spent several years working with troubled teens and studying the powerful impact of the first seven years of children’s lives, which ultimately shaped her career path. She determined the importance of building a strong foundation to support children to mature into autonomous, respectful human beings full of curiosity and a love for learning so they can develop to their fullest potential. She was inspired to open Planet Kids Seattle in 1997 and soon after founded Planet Kids Bellevue, which is now Living Montessori.

Afrose is passionate about education and its future. When she’s not on campus, she favors a hot cup of chai while reading a good book. She also enjoys ballroom dancing, hiking, biking, meditating, and kayaking with her husband. She loves spending time with her three daughters who, she admits, put her culinary talents to shame. Afrose is also a certified Residential Interior Designer with a focus on environmental design and worked very closely with our Architect to design the Living Montessori space.