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Edible Igloo Building – Day 11 of 15 Days of Winter Break Activities

Edible Igloo Building – Day 11 of 15 Days of Winter Break Activities

Frosting and candy and marshmallows, oh my!!! Do you still have way too many leftover sweets from the holidays? Let us put a twist on the traditional gingerbread house activity, and instead create an edible igloo using all our leftover candy!

Hands on activities like sculpture building and modeling is another fan favorite amongst the kids at Living Montessori. From building tornados and time machines to cars and airplanes, we have seen it all! The imagination, concentration, and critical thinking skills it takes to create something out of nothing is something to fathom! Do you need something new for your child to build? Let us keep in the winter spirit and try an igloo!


Builds creative and critical thinking skills, and develops fine motor control


Marshmallows, various items for building ex: pretzel rods, candy canes, frosting, etc.


  1. Set out all your igloo making supplies.
  2. Talk about what an igloo looks like (it is shaped like a dome or rounded house).
  3. Stick a marshmallow on one end a candy cane or pretzel rod. Stick another marshmallow on the other end. Continue pressing marshmallows and candy canes or pretzel rods into each other and begin to stack them, using frosting as glue.

Age/Difficulty Variations:

  • For younger children (Ages 2-5), assist them in building their igloo. If it is too difficult to press the candy together using pretzel rods or candy canes, try opting for an almost edible igloo by using toothpicks to help stick the marshmallows together.
  • For older children (Ages 5-Elementary), allow them to research information on igloos, and present it like a project. Allow them to research the different types of igloos, their purpose, and how to build a real one.

We hope you were able to use up all your left-over candy and frosting with this day 11 activity out of the 15 Days of Winter Break Activities series! Tag us in pictures on Instagram and Facebook so we can see your creations!
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Facebook: @ Living Montessori Education Community