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From STEM to Musicals: How Will Your Kid Spend Their Summer?

From STEM to Musicals: How Will Your Kid Spend Their Summer?

While kids spend their time in the classroom year round, Summer offers a time for a bigger scope of learning. This time of year gives kids a chance to run around and play, and explore broader spheres of learning. Living Montessori Summer Camps are a great way to give your child some structure during the summer and help them cultivate a variety of new skills. From nature hiking to jewelry making to Mandarin and more, consider making the most of your child’s summer with a Living Montessori Summer Camp for 3-10 year olds.

Enrichment Base Camps

Our Enrichment Base Camps cover a variety of topics and interests. Whether you’re hoping for your child to delve further into their favorite subject or try something completely new, we offer a number of summer camps including:

  • Sports and Fitness: Our sports and fitness camps include a wide range of active sports and games. From team sports, to swimming, to relay races and more, these camps are a great chance to get your kid outside and active.



  • Culinary: Your child will learn basics of baking, explore mind and body health, talk about etiquette and culinary basics, and have a great time expanding their understanding of cooking and food.



  • Arts and Crafts: Our arts and crafts camps range from painting techniques to sculpture and clay, to 3D art and more. This integrated hands on curriculum will give your child a chance to flex their creative muscles and get hands on experience with a number of different media.



  • Music and Performing Arts: From exploring rhythm and tone, to drama and improvisation tostage performance, these camps are great for children to explore music and dance and get a feel for performing. Whether your child loves center stage or is shy to speak up, these camps are fun and interactive for children ages 3 through 10.


For older students, ages 6-10, our Enrichment Base Camps include a number of field trips. From farm outings, to sports games, to hiking and more, field trips are an additional chance for kids to expand their learning and understanding of the world. These trips are a lot of fun for the kids and give them a great opportunity to explore their city, state, and greater community.

Specialty Camps

Our specialty camps delve into a variety of specific topics. From STEM with Legos to Farm Adventures, these camps will give your child a chance to stretch their comfort zone and learn a whole range of new skills. Our Specialty Camps for 3-10 year olds include:

  • Dance: Our dance camps explore a number of different dance styles including ballet, jazz and hiphop. These sessions blend self expression with specific movements and simultaneously build coordination and body control.



  • Intro to STEM with Lego: Our STEM classes will help your children understand how Science,Technology, Engineering and Math work together to make our world go round. This course uses concrete objects and ideas (such as Legos) to help children build a sound understanding of these concepts for the rest of their lives.



  • Soccer Shots and Advanced Soccer: Our soccer programs for beginning and advanced soccer players explore soccer skills, team building, and have a lot of fun playing the world’s favorite sport. This Summer, our camps will take a look inside the FIFA Confederations Cup, and explore the countries and players who are taking part in it.



  • Swimming: Our swimming sessions focus on safety, technique, and building a love for all things aquatic. These cater to children at different levels of swimming and combine fun and games with technique and skill. Classes are held at the Bellevue Family YMCA and all campers are transported by school bus.



    • Ceramics: In this class, children explore the versatility of clay and all it has to offer. From beadsto recycled material, this class explores clay as a medium and gives kids a chance to creatively express themselves in 3D.




  • Farm Adventures: This program will let your kids explore the process from farm to table. They’ll get their feet wet and their hands dirty learning about cultivating plants, organic gardening, and eating healthy snacks.



Our Specialty Camps for 3-6 year olds also include

  • Montessori Summer School: This summer school session can give children a taste of The Montessori Method and build on what they already know. These sessions are taught by Montessori Certified teachers and explore everything from reading and writing to zoology and practical life skills.
  • Mandarin: This course lets children explore the world beyond English language through the theme of Chinese Night Markets. Traveling to China will be in your child’s imagination, but the Mandarin language, live shows, and activities will be right here in Bellevue. They’ll get a feel for the language through speaking, singing, and other fun activities.

From Art to Zoology, our camps are a great way to make the most of your child’s summer. To learn more about our summer programs for primary (ages 3-6) and elementary (ages 6-10) students or to register online, visit our website today! All participants who sign up before April 28, 2017 will receive a five percent discount on tuition.

Featured image courtesy of Pexels.com.