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Color Roundup – Day 15 of 15 Days of Winter Break Activities

Color Roundup – Day 15 of 15 Days of Winter Break Activities

It has been 14 days so far of no school! Your child might be getting a little antsy or asking when it is time to go back to school. If your child has received some extra energy lately, try letting them release it by allowing them to throw some toys (in a healthy, educational way).


Improves color recognition, develops visual perception, develops gross motor skills, and improves hand eye coordination


2 baskets, toys from around your home in two different colors (ex. collect all the green toys you can find and all the yellow toys you can find), the same-colored paper (optional).


  1. Set up two baskets, placing one piece of colored paper under one, and the other colored paper under the other.
  2. Bring all the collected color toys into a pile or in a container placed next to your child.
  3. Allow them to throw the color items into the correct colored basket.

Age/Difficulty Variations:

  • For younger children: Try adding some type of child safe tower stool so that the objects are easier to aim into the baskets! If your child is not able to throw yet (infants), allow them to sit in front of the baskets and sort the toys by color. You can even try to do this activity to help your child learn the cleanup process!
  • For older children: To make it more difficult, add more colors, or move the targets farther away.


Use toys or items that will not easily break or cause damage (think of little stuffed animals, or small toy food).

We hope you enjoy the last activity in our 15 Days of Winter Break Activities series! Let us see how it went by tagging us on Instagram and Facebook!
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