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Bilateral Brain Boosters – Day 1 of 15 Days of Winter Break Activities

Bilateral Brain Boosters – Day 1 of 15 Days of Winter Break Activities

These bilateral brain booster activities will help your child to use both sides of their body simultaneously. This will allow both hemispheres of the brain to work at the same time.


Creates stronger neural connection, thus improving focus, memory, body awareness, and motor skills.


Dry erase board/boards, dry erase marker, two Q-tips (Optional)


  1. Draw a line down the middle of the dry erase board.
  2. Draw the same shape on each side at the same distance.
  3. Have your child hold a Q-tip in each hand (or use their fingers) to erase the shape at the same time.

Age/Difficulty Variations:

  • For younger children, draw only one shape at a time on each side or try only drawing a type of line.
  • For older children, draw multiple shapes, or more difficult shapes (think trapezoids, hexagon, parallelogram, etc.).

Bilateral brain boosters can be done in a variety of ways. Try to think about all the ways in which your child can do an action with both hands, and even both feet!

Another bilateral brain booster activity we have tested and tried in class at Living Montessori is using a water transferring pipette to squeeze water from two small bowls at the same time and transferring it into a larger one placed in the middle! Place a bowl of water on each side of your child with two pipettes. Place a larger bowl in the center. Have your child use both hands to squeeze the pipettes and transfer the water into the large bowl.

Keep in mind the special interests of your child.

Question: My child only loves to play in water, she will not focus on this, what should I do?
Answer: Use the water transfer with pipette method!

Question: My child loves bright colors, is there any way that this activity can draw more attention?
Answer: Use brightly colored dry erase markers or food coloring in the water!

We hope you and your child enjoyed your day 1 activity of the 15 Days of Winter Break Activities series! Show us how the activity went by tagging us in pictures on Instagram and Facebook!
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Coming Next For Day 2: I Spy Sound Game!

You will need items from around your home (toys, kitchen tools, art supplies, etc.), Letters (for variation).