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When children are outside, their senses are stimulated. They can explore by touching, seeing, hearing, even tasting. This awakens the senses and calls the child to come explore, creating a sense of awe and wonder that will be important throughout life. Developing an appreciation for nature, children grow to be respectful of the earth.

Maria Montessori

Summer; a season for spending long days outdoors, making new friends, embarking on fresh adventures and exploration! Well, if it’s a Living Montessori Academy’s Summer Camp, summer is the perfect time to stimulate your child’s natural curiosity in a discovery-based programming that encourages exploration. Camper’s will explore science through the world around them, exercise creativity through art, find an excitement for food through culinary activities, engage in critical thinking and refine their social skills through games, dialogue, and teamwork. Taking advantage of the nice weather, outdoor recess times are extended during the summer.

Why Living Montessori Summer Camp?

Children get to have FUN and enjoy summer while learning in an environment tailored to their stage of development. Children continue to grow, learn, and explore in a comfortable atmosphere, while they meet new friends, get to know the teachers better and get to know our school routine. They come to know how to work in a team and cooperate to achieve their goals while having fun. Self-esteem and self-respect are born when campers are valued by their friends in camp.

Campers are engaged in experiments that make science fun with hands-on learning. They will learn simple cooking, the nutritional value of that food, hygiene, etc. All the activities are done enjoyably. Exercise and social interaction are important for any child’s well-being. Plus, children enjoy plenty of time in free play during which they can interact with others while also getting lots of exercise. Our age-appropriate playgrounds provide the perfect backdrop for movement, exercise, imaginary play and fun with friends.


Every day is a new adventure during summer camp here at Living Montessori. From cooking projects to nature exploration and more, our campers explore a wide variety of ideas and concepts. Each week’s camp curriculum follows a theme to keep children engaged and excited. Every Friday, we celebrate the fun we have had through Friday Fun activities.

For ages 3.5 to 6.5 years, old children will be placed in a group of either 10 students with one teacher or 18 to 20 students with two teachers. For ages 7 to 10 years old, groups are 15 students with one teacher or 30 students with two teachers. Thoughtful group placement by our team takes into consideration maintaining a mixed age group, while balancing personality, gender, and culture. Additionally, the number of weeks registered in advance will be a factor. If you wish to add weeks later, placement can, but may not be in the same group.

Each day, a similar routine is followed. The group gathers for a morning circle to build a connection and teachers provide a brief introduction of new choices available. Over a 2+ hour morning period, children can choose from the various activities set up in advance which rotate based on weekly themes. They can find balance between individual work, partner activities as well as small group activities. They may be inspired by the new introduction of the life cycle of a chicken and participate in these activities or prefer to us building blocks to create structures with an old or new friend. During this morning period, a few areas of the classroom support children to continue refining their fine motor skills all summer long. They may enjoy transferring small objects with tongs or tweezers in the practical life area, pin punching shapes in the pre-writing area or painting with watercolor in the art area. For children who are already writing, we support them to put their words on paper whether through recalling information or writing a card to someone they are thinking of. We support children to find balance between individual activities that build fine-motor, concentration, confidence in their abilities and those that help them expand their social circle, practice communicating needs and wants.

Each classroom has a summer library of books, which changes based on themes and interest of the children. Additional books can be checked out from the school library.

A greater number of choices are available for our Elementary students (7 to 10 years) as – see expanded curriculum below – and based on development, more choices at this age involve small or large group activities as well as an extra focus on gross motor development and structured outdoor activities like games, relays, etc. They will naturally, and with guidance, continue to explore their values together, how to get their own needs met and consider the well-being of others as well as refining their conflict resolution skills.

This is just the beginning of the exciting activities our campers can look forward to experiencing. They also participate in weekly culinary lessons in our kid’s kitchen. Here is a look into a day at Living Montessori summer camps and some of the fun, educational activities our students are enjoying this summer.


Weekly Theme - Fun On The Farm - Farmer Cutout

Weekly Theme – Fun On The Farm – Farmer Cutout

Each week, our Living Montessori campers explore a different theme with their class and teachers. These themes seamlessly integrate the Montessori Method, providing hands-on exploration of concepts they are naturally drawn to. This year’s themes include Interesting Insects and Fun on the Farm. They enable children to explore activities and broaden their field of knowledge, through fun and play. Themes expand through craft activities, where children can express their creativity and individualism, while deepening their knowledge of new subjects.


Five-Year Old Summer Camper Chopping Fruit For Oat Balls

Five-Year Old Summer Camper Chopping Fruit For Oat Balls

Children of all ages learn about cooking and healthy food choices, through mixing up a number of nutritious and tasty recipes. Culinary lessons become increasingly more complex as the summer progresses. This summer’s campers begin learning simple food prep skills such as peeling and chopping fruits and vegetables, blending fruit and vegetable smoothies, rolling out balls, and continue to bake breads, make pizzas and homemade ice cream! These activities help to promote balanced meals and a healthy relationship with food, where children feel connected to each ingredient. Living Montessori is focused on the whole development of the child and when children have the opportunity to explore individual ingredients in food, they are more likely to choose these foods when served to them. These lessons are fun and delicious, teach children the basics of kitchen safety, and expand their vocabulary as they wash vegetables, chop, peel, press and puree.


Elementary School Aged Camper Building A Bluetooth Speaker In Sound Engineering

Elementary School Aged Camper Building A Bluetooth Speaker In Sound Engineering

With a fresh set of classes included in the program, our elementary campers are sure to be busy. These campers have three exciting classes with specialists to anticipate: Mixed Media Arts, Soccer Shots and Martial Arts!

In addition to our robust specialty classes, elementary students enjoy our extensive Maker Space area. This space is a hub for children to explore the basics of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM) through hands on learning. From building structures out of repurposed materials, to engineering small towers and basic electrical circuits for our older students, our campers love the opportunity to play, explore, deconstruct, and reconstruct in our open-ended makerspace.


3 Youth Summer Campers Jumping In The Bouncy House On A Friday Fun Day

3 Youth Summer Campers Jumping In The Bouncy House On A Friday Fun Day

Friday Fun is often the highlight of the week for Living Montessori summer campers. After an enriching experience with themed activities, culinary projects and more, our Friday celebrations are the icing on the cake. Depending on the weather, children enjoy running through the sprinkler and scooping, pouring, and splashing in water sensory tubs. When we have cooler summer Fridays, children are thrilled to jump in the bouncy house or wiggle around with outside dance parties.


Organic meals lovingly prepared onsite in our commercial kitchen are included in the cost of camps. To support independence and interest in food, during morning and afternoon snack, children choose when to have a snack during a 1-½ hour window. They practice washing hands, setting the table, serving themselves and cleaning up so the space is ready for the next friend. Children eat together at the same time during lunch. Substitutes are available for vegetarian and most common allergies. For safety, we do not serve nuts.


Living Montessori strives to provide children with a holistic educational experience. Our summer camps are a great chance for children to grow their base of knowledge and explore opportunities beyond the typical classroom, during the school year. To learn more about Living Montessori, visit our website today or like our Facebook page, to stay up to date with the latest news and updates.


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