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Join Living Montessori for Our “Introduction to Simplicity Parenting” Presentation

Join Living Montessori for Our “Introduction to Simplicity Parenting” Presentation

Join the Living Montessori Education Community for a special presentation on Simplicity Parenting! Simplicity Parenting is an effective parenting method for all ages of children focused on creating balance and reducing stress for families. Briana Bennitt, an early childhood development educator from Simplicity Learning in Bellevue, will lead this presentation. The event will be held February 8th, 2018 from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. on the Living Montessori campus.

What is Simplicity Parenting?

In the age of prevalent technology and constant distraction, Simplicity Parenting helps parents and children slow down and find balance. This parenting technique takes a calm and stress-reducing approach to parenting, and can also help you assess your child’s routine to create more consistency for your family. Some topics this presentation will cover include:

  • Warm, firm, calm, and connected parenting
  • Reducing stress, increasing consistency and predictability
  • Assessing schedules and routines, environment, and filtering out adult stress
  • Viewing behavior issues as indicators that something isn’t working for the child
  • Positive discipline

Benefits of Simplicity Parenting For Children

This parenting technique can help your family thrive in a number of ways. This technique is focused around finding balance and routine for your children and offers a number of exercises and strategies to help simplify your family’s life. Some benefits of incorporating this method in your child’s upbringing include:

  • Creating a balanced schedule for you and your children
  • Reducing screen time
  • More family time and frequent family meal times
  • Improving sleep schedules
  • And More!

Meet Briana Bennitt

Briana is an early childhood development educator at Simplicity Learning, working in their Bellevue office, in clients’ homes, and in schools to support a wide variety of teaching styles and family structures, community building, collaborative parenting, respect for diversity of belief, mindfulness to children’s ages and stages, and peaceful home life. She is a certified Simplicity Parenting family coach, a certified Positive Discipline parent educator, a Washington State Department of Early Learning STARS trainer, and one of her favorite roles is leading weekly Parent-Tot Playgroups. During her presentation for Living Montessori, she will explain and share the benefits of Simplicity Parenting with our community.

Briana is a former NAC validator for the Association of Early Learning Leaders, Waldorf school executive director, licensed child care center director, and research analyst with experience in small business management and nonprofit governance. In the past, she also worked as a certified driver training school instructor with the Washington Department of Licensing, which deepened her appreciation and understanding of learning styles, parent-child dynamics, and teenagers – significantly! Her own children are now ages ten to twenty-two years old and have attended public school, private (Waldorf, Montessori), homeschooling programs, Bellevue College, and Whitman College.

At Living Montessori, we value educating our community with strategies for raising happy, healthy, independent children. This event will be free of charge and is open to all Living Montessori parents and alumni. Parents are welcome to invite friends and guests. To RSVP, please email Ginak@livingmontessori.com. We hope to see you there!

Image courtesy of Pexels.com.