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Pat Callaghan

Pat Callaghan

Associate Teacher, Primary/Kindergarten

Mr. Callaghan was raised in Stanwood, Washington where his family owned a lavender farm through many of his childhood years. He worked diligently with his family, weeding, and cutting to sell lavender at the local farmers markets. As the oldest of three brothers, Pat took his role as a leader very seriously. Growing up, he developed patience and understanding, and worked to modeled behavior for his younger brothers. This patience and respect for children brought him to Living Montessori.

Now that his siblings are grown, Pat enjoys taking weekend trips to see his family, playing cards and watching football together. He has a passion for baseball and a love for the Seattle Mariners. Being a lifelong Mariners fan has taught Pat how to be resilient through challenges and the importance of teamwork.

Pat is currently perusing higher education with a focus on Early Learning and Teacher Education. He hopes to someday run a classroom of his own.