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Six Ways To Enrich Winter Break For Your Children

Six Ways To Enrich Winter Break For Your Children

The holiday season is an opportunity to spend time with family and friends, plan a few adventures, and make the most of time off from work and school with your loved ones. Many parents opt to use these days off from school to plan enriching outings and make time for learning outside of the classroom. If you are looking for some ways to keep your kids’ minds and bodies active while school is out, here are a few fun activities your whole family can engage in this winter break.

Take A Trip To The Library

Winter vacation can be the perfect time for children to do some extra reading. Looking for local storytimes, exploring the children’s book section of your library, and finding other ways to get your child reading over the holidays can keep them entertained while avoiding screen time. Help your kids expand on their skills by encouraging them to read a book about a new topic, asking them follow-up questions about characters in the stories they are reading, or even having them practice reading out loud to their pet.


Explore Nature

Finding outdoor activities for your family is another way to keep your children active during their time off. Sledding, skiing,  snowboarding, and kid-friendly winter hikes are exciting ways to keep your children happy and healthy during this time of year. There are many places for the whole family to get outside within a short drive from Bellevue, including:


Break Out the Board Games

Playing board games can be a good way for children to explore strategy, think critically, and have a ton of fun. Whether you are looking for games to help your child learn more about spelling and language, problem-solving, the building blocks of engineering, or any other skill set, playing board games is a great option for family fun.



Engage in Arts

Whether your child loves crafting or enjoys drama and performing, the holidays can be an ideal time to cultivate their interest in various arts. Consider making some time for craft projects during winter vacation to foster your child’s creativity. Finding shows and performances that are child appropriate over the holidays can be an enriching experience for the whole family. Check out Seattle Children’s Theatre and Storybook Theatre in Kirkland for available shows, showtimes, and tickets.


Play Some Music

Whether your child is an avid musician or has yet to develop an interest in music, making some time for music can be another enriching activity for children during winter break. From teaching your child about a new instrument to singing holiday songs, there are many ways for kids to learn about music outside of school. Some fun, music-related activities to try with your kids include:


Learn About New Sports

Even in the cold weather, getting your children out and about is important. Studies show that children who are more active perform better in school and have better physical and emotional health. Finding fun and engaging physical activities is a great way to keep them active throughout their lives. Whether your child enjoys dance, soccer, yoga, swimming, ice skating or any other kind of physical activity, consider making some time to try new sports with your family this winter break.

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