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Building from the Imagination: Makerspace Coming Soon to Living Montessori

Building from the Imagination: Makerspace Coming Soon to Living Montessori

“Makerspace” is a buzzword you hear more and more these days, but many people don’t know exactly what that word means. A makerspace is exactly what it sounds like: it’s a space in which to innovate, to create something from nothing. You might see four year olds engineering paper-towel-roll towers from the ground up or catch a few fifth graders watching the products they dreamed up print themselves into reality on a 3D printer

At Living Montessori, we’re proud to announce our makerspace will be officially open this summer. This space will be an area where children will have the chance to design and make a variety of objects and see how they include Science, Technology, Arts, Engineering and Math (STEAM) in their creations

“This space gives [students] a chance to experiment, to build whatever’s in their imagination,” said Head of School Afrose Amlani. “It will fuel their creativity by seeing what they can make out of different materials as they incorporating all aspects of STEAM education.”

Students will have the chance to integrate Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math in the Montessori Makerspace says Head of School Afrose Amlani

Children ages three and up will have access to this space and it will be heavily integrated into the elementary school curriculum. The makerspace will open up opportunities for more hands on learning, incorporate aspects of various disciplines into the same project, foster teamwork, and fuel children’s imaginations.

Afrose explained that students have been doing this type of work in the classroom for years, but having this space available will be a chance to bring that learning to the next level. Students will have the chance to build a variety of creations, take things apart and put them back together, and understand both the mechanics of how things work as well as the creative aspects of design and display.

Two of the goals behind this space are to foster innovation from a young age, and to encourage children not only to enjoy the end product but foster knowledge of how things are built. Kids will be able to repurpose materials for things they build and take apart a number of electronics and gadgets. This will help children not only understand how things are made but encourage them to think outside the box and think beyond conventional solutions.

“We’re living in a world where it’s time to innovate, think differently about how to do things,” Afrose said. “This space will allow them to orient themselves towards creating and innovating, thinking about repurposing materials and finding new solutions. Kids are not just benefitting from the end product; they’re going behind the scenes and seeing how things are built, how things can be made better.”

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