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3 Reasons Living Montessori Is The Best Montessori School in Bellevue, WA

3 Reasons Living Montessori Is The Best Montessori School in Bellevue, WA

As you search for the right school for your child, first consider what part of the educational journey you find most valuable. Some families are focused on rigorous academics. Others are interested in finding a safe environment for healthy growing bodies. Many families care most about their child’s social and emotional development. Because you are a parent who finds one of these areas most important to you, discover why Living Montessori Education Community is the best Montessori school to fulfill your family’s needs.

  1. Living Montessori School Challenges Children with Rigorous Academics, The Montessori Way

    Living Montessori offers an authentic Montessori experience through holistic education and rigorous academics. This means that your child is not only challenged by their teacher to deepen their understandings in mathematics, geography, language, and sensory work, but also experience practical life activities that prepare them for life beyond the classroom.

    In the Montessori environment, your child is able to move at their own pace. To some parents, this may sound as if their child will not be pushed to advance. In reality, children in the Montessori environment are naturally pushed through their deep desire to learn and do more. If your child is particularly interested in multiplication, creative writing or continent maps, they may move through any one of these progressions as quickly or as slowly as they need to achieve mastery of their craft. As students advance through kindergarten and their elementary years, they acquire the skills to plan their days and weeks according to their learning goals. With direction and guidance from their teachers, children often exceed standard benchmarks in mathematics and reading.

  2. Living Montessori Is A Safe and Nurturing Environment for Growing Bodies

    Living Montessori recognizes the importance of your child’s health and works toward bolstering their physical development. Each student enjoys nutrient rich, organic lunches made from scratch in our kitchen. Our dedicated chefs carefully coordinate meals to accommodate your child’s dietary needs or allergies. Our menu has a wide variety of food that represent cultures around the world so that each person in our diverse community is represented. Delicious food invites children to enjoy without pressure or persuasion from teachers. Our community enjoys meals using family style dining techniques.

    Along with our delicious menu options, children grow healthy bodies in carefully designed classrooms and playgrounds. The school is equipped with four playground areas to satisfy children of all ages and abilities. Each classroom allows space for big body movement like jumping and carrying heavy items. Our Montessori elementary program encourages children to move their bodies in weekly yoga classes and visits to the gymnasium.

  3. Living Montessori Is Dedicated to Developing Your Child’s Social Skills and Protecting Emotional Wellbeing

    We are passionate about our students’ social and emotional wellbeing. Our holistic educational approach and conflict resolution guidance support your child’s social skills development while working directly with peers. We closely monitor each child’s level of engagement and enjoyment throughout the three years they remain in their classroom. The three-year program allows our teachers to understand the needs of each child. Your child’s relationship with our Montessori teachers grows via trust, respect and understanding.

Call or Visit Living Montessori School in Bellevue, WA

Whether your child’s academic development, health and safety, or social and emotional wellbeing are at the top of your priority list, Living Montessori is the best Montessori school for you. Your child is safe to reach full potential socially and academically, with unwavering support from our loving teaching team. Learn more about our primary curriculum goals and Maria Montessori’s insights for social development. Then, call (425) 373-5437 to speak with a school counselor or schedule a tour today!