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Your child is enriched at Living Montessori though these fun and fascinating courses that help students develop to their full potential.

Movement Programs

An essential component of your child's holistic, interactive learning is learning Movement. As such, significant care has been taken in designing the Movement Program classes to maximize the benefits for your child. Under close supervision of our well-trained instructors, your child will acquire enhanced coordination and correct posture and alignment. Movement also increases blood and oxygen flow, vital for young minds and bodies at such a crucial developmental stage. Students are inspired in their sense of freedom and ability to express and explore, both inside and out.

Dance Classes: Ballet, Hip-Hop, & Jazz – Your child will develop strength, balance, coordination and confidence in our dance program while discovering his or her unique style in a fun and lively environment. Dance practice cultivates discipline, increases motor skills, and provides a positive outlet for children's energy.

Gymnastics – Your child will learn the basics of gymnastics in our fully-featured gym. Under close supervision of qualified and experienced instructors, students learn tumbling, high bars, uneven bars, parallel bars and climbing on a miniature rock wall. Classes focus on building muscle strength, bone density, coordination and balance. Low instructor-to-student ratios enable close monitoring of your child's progress.

Yoga – Through breathing practices, gentle stretching and playful poses, yoga supports your child in achieving a natural balance of body and mind. Yoga increases concentration and focus, supporting brain development. While also relieving stress, yoga increases body awareness, enhances self-control and fosters a harmonious integration of body, mind and spirit. Instructors utilize traditional poses to guide students on a wonderful journey of self-discovery.

Creative Arts Programs

Keyboard – Your child learns basic rhythms, tones and beats while gaining an appreciation of the keyboard as an instrument. Music is an integral component of a well-rounded education, involving both spatial and temporal thinking as well as concepts such as ratios and fractions. Musical studies set the foundation for your child's future excellence in mathematics. Additional studies include history of music, musical language, instruction on musical staff and notes, and an overview of world music and classical composers.

Drawing – The benefits to your child of artistic expression at an early age extend well beyond creativity. A healthy connection with the arts is vital for your child's optimal development. Each course revolves around a specific theme, based on the interests of the students. Through coloring, outlining and free-hand drawing, your child develops fine motor skills and steady hands in preparation for writing. At the end of the course, completed drawings are compiled in a book to take home.

Drama – Through role play, storytelling and acting, your child is introduced to the meaningful world of dramatic expression. Classes encourage children to act out narratives and guide them through the process of shaping and refining ideas into stories and skits.

Other Programs

Culinary & Health Sciences – In our Culinary program, your child studies nutrition, how food affects the body, the diets of other cultures' and lifestyles, and learns to plan and prepare meals. This integrated approach incorporates multiple learning objectives into one curriculum. These classes also incorporate math, science, critical thinking, and analytical and writing skills as your child calculates measurements, explores how different ingredients react with each other, creatively combine ingredients, and plan menus and write recipes.

Leadership – Your child is empowered by our "Second-Step"-inspired Leadership program with the tools necessary to resolve conflicts and manage negative emotions. Through thoughtfully constructed games and exercises, your child learns techniques and strategies to keep perspective while maintaining self-control and self-respect in any situation.

Science & Technology – In our state-of-the-art Science and Technology Lab, your child develops the skills of observation, experimentation, and critical and creative thinking. This supports children's natural exuberant curiosity and reverence about the mystery they find themselves in. Using nature and technology, students explore the world about them, including the invisible forces of gravity, magnetism and electricity, along with the macro and micro worlds of the cosmos and the atomic view of the material world. Your child discovers the dynamic and lively place we call home; planet Earth.

Contact us today to learn how your child can be enriched beyond the classroom at Living Montessori.


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