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Early Education






Early Education

Your child needs to be respected and honored as a unique being in order to learn and grow at his or her own pace. With this clear understanding, teachers at Living Montessori Early Education assist, observe, guide and inspire a love for learning to maximize your child's potential in the unfolding of life.

Infant Program

Your baby naturally has tremendous potential. Infants are eager to learn, explore and try new things. Their mental and physical development makes greater strides in infancy than any other time in life. That's why, at Living Montessori Early Education (LMEE), your infant has plenty of room to play and interact with materials that stimulate the brain and natural desire to learn. Your baby's individual needs are met by our curriculum at each developmental stage. Teachers gently challenge your child while avoiding frustration. Paying close attention to your child's individuality, teachers actively communicate love and acceptance through body language, tone of voice, gentle touch and a pleasing environment. Our safe and nurturing atmosphere fosters basic trust, allowing the mystery in every child to unfold.

Toddler Program

With close cooperation between you and our teachers, your child is gradually able to make a gentle transition from home to our toddler classroom without anxiety. Your young child experiences a safe, nurturing and predictable environment in our Montessori Toddler Program. Routine and consistency helps your child feel safe to explore and take early steps towards socialization. As our educators observe the children and develop individual relationships with them, they'll discover their strengths and needs, and provide age-appropriate, engaging activities and experiences that foster gradual independence and encourages language development.

In our older toddler classrooms, your child can explore, discover and continue to gain independence. Children choose from practical life, language, pre-math and sensorial materials to experience concepts such as order, sequence, form, movement, language and sound. The activities change and evolve as the child grows physically, emotionally and intellectually. Your child’s natural development is supported in a respectful and gentle way as he or she gains strength of character, a healthy sense of self and valuable life skills.

Early Preschool

Your child will experience a well-ordered social community in classrooms carefully prepared by Montessori-certified teachers. Childhood is a time to be active, explore the environment, and develop inner resources through investigation and discovery. So, as your child develops academically through learning centers that facilitate the children's development, he or she will choose materials to build a sense of order, concentration, coordination and independence, along with gaining a foundation for mathematics, writing, reading, science, cultural studies and history, geography, art and music.

Curriculum Goals
at Living Montessori Early Education

Each curriculum level described below continues and builds upon the previous level.

Curriculum Goals for Infants

Emotional: Establishing basic trust and security; establishing routine; developing relationships; showing and expressing distinct emotions
Social: Awareness of others; reciprocal interactions; and understanding and responding to social cues
Physical: Development of natural reflexes and grasps; moving the whole body and its parts; moving with objects; feeling and expressing steady beat; and hand-eye coordination
Cognitive: Exploring objects using the senses; imitation; discovering object permanence; exploring the concept of same and different, cause and effect, anticipating familiar events; goal oriented; associating properties with things; awareness of surroundings; tracking objects; early concept of quantity; one-to-one correspondence, listening and responding; babbles, imitating sounds and basic awareness of the function of spoken language

Curriculum Goals for Toddlers

Emotional: Recognizing different emotions; expressing initiative; and developing a sense of independence
Social: Beginning the process of understanding and responding to social cues; parallel play; developing concept of space
Cognitive: Increasing attention span; beginning to understand functional relationships; understanding basic qualities of environment; observing people and things from various perspectives; applying learned skills in new situations; early quantity and number concept; filling and emptying, putting in and taking out, taking things apart and putting back together; identifying and labeling familiar objects; active listening skills; communicating with gestures and language
Language: Developing speech-like patterns; speech development; acquiring and using new vocabulary; understanding reciprocal aspect of language; and verbalizing needs
Physical: Gross and fine motor skills; body awareness and control; coordination, balance, flexibility and stamina

Curriculum Goals for Early-Preschoolers

Emotional: Emotional regulation; showing empathy for others; self-control
Social: Self-awareness; respect for self and others; cooperation with peers and teachers; awareness of status in a group; respect for environment; grace and courtesy; progression of the ability to share space and materials
Cognitive: Order in environment; developing concentration; visual, auditory, olfactory, tactile and gustatory discrimination; understanding functional relationships; understanding basic qualities of environment; adapting learned skills and a variety of strategies to solve problems; understanding concept of more and less, big and small, high and low; using language and symbols to communicate
Language: Beginning to comprehend language; beginning sequential story telling
Physical: Gross and fine motor skills

Enrichment Curriculum

Music: Listening and responding to a variety of music; exploring music and instruments; and dance and movement
Yoga and Tumbling: Balance, flexibility, coordination; body awareness and control; muscle strengthening; and inner discipline
Art: Experiencing the process; self expression; creative expression; creative representation; and exploring building and art materials

Contact us today to learn how your infant or toddler can grow and thrive at Living Montessori Early Education.


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